Compact Wheel Drives

Modular AGV Subassemblies

NIDEC-SHIMPO has earned a solid reputation within the robotics sector as the leader in high volume, high precision, gearbox and motor technologies. Our deep partnerships and long history within the industry have given us extensive expertise at developing wheel-drive transmission assemblies for AGV’s and mobile service robotics.

Guideless Autonomous Operation

Plus Shadow-Follow Mode

The NIDEC-SHIMPO S-CART is an Autonomous Self-Guided Mobile Vehicle that smartly operates within its surroundings. After initial set-up of the work area, multiple routes can be swiftly programmed via included tablet as changing environments demand. Obstacle detection sensors and auto-off contact bumper, plus emergency override button provide added safety for congested path travel. Cutting-edge shadow technology follows a worker or another object, allowing the simplest means of goods movement in a continuously changing operation. Whether utilizing as a smart AGV or a mobile transport assistant in shadow mode, the possibilities for the S-CART are endless.